How to run your own Moonlapse server

Interested in playing by your own rules? You can download the code to run your very own MoonlapseMUD server.

To follow along with this tutorial, you will need a machine running an operating system with access to Avanced Package Tool (or APT).


  1. Firstly you will need Python 3.6 which should be installed by default on most Debian-based systems.
  2. Install PIP, the Package Installer for Python, which is what we will use to obtain the rest of our prerequisite Python libraries
    sudo apt install python3-pip
  3. Install the PostgreSQL, the database server the game will need to read from and write to.
    sudo apt install postgresql
  4. Next, the drivers required to let Python and PostgreSQL talk to each other.
    sudo apt install python-psycopg2
    sudo apt install libpq-dev
    sudo pip3 install psycopg2
  5. Install git and clone the MoonlapseMUD source from the current repository
    sudo apt install git
    git clone
  6. Create the database required for the game (more info coming soon)
    pgsql createdb Moonlapse
  7. Create the database connection string and place it in the MoonlapseMUD/server directory
    nano MoonlapseMUD/server/connectionstrings.json
  8. Run the server
    python3 MoonlapseMUD/server

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